SFP statement on Monash education officer

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Hi all,
Here is the statement from the cross-campus Students for Palestine on Monash Uni and Students Association’s despicable actions over Omar’s help with the Palestine solidarity campaign.
Katie Wood
Tivoli Campus Coordinator, RMIT Student Union

Monash University, in collusion with the Monash Student Association has threatened to discipline the education officer, Omar Hassan, for his participation in the Palestine solidarity campaign.
The Victorian Students for Palestine is disgusted by this blatant act of political censorship. We believe that it is imperative for all people who are concerned by the deadly, racist and humiliating policies of Israel towards the Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank, to join us in the solidarity campaign. This is only more important following recent revelations of systemic racism in the Israeli military.
We fully support Omar in his work for the campaign and call on all student unions to demonstrate their support also. The Monash Student Association has a long history of support for political campaigns, including those against the Vietnam War and apartheid in South Africa to name just two. We call on the Monash Student Association to affirm this proud history by refusing to take action against Omar.
Further, we strongly condemn Monash University for this biased interference in student affairs.

Victorian Students for Palestine


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